5 Corvallis Oregon Tax Relief Tips

Oregon Tax Relief

Are you looking for Oregon tax relief? Have you received a Notice from the IRS only to leave it on your kitchen counter, desk, or worse, just hide it under a stack of bills?  Unfortunately, those letters from the IRS will just keep coming.  Your problem won’t go away on its own.

If you don’t take action now, the IRS WILL just keep piling on penalties and interest…and interest on top of the penalties… 

Let me give you 5 tax relief tips that can save you from the Revenue Officer coming to your house. 

Open & Read those IRS Letters

The longer you wait to address the problem the more penalties you will have. The IRS doesn’t go away and won’t ignore it. The late filing penalty is 5 percent of the tax owed per month up to a maximum of 25 percent of the balance.

There is also an underpayment penalty of 0.5 percent to 1 percent per month of the balance owed, also up to 25 percent. If you don’t file your return or make any payment on your obligation, your tax debt will grow rapidly.

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If you owe less than $10,000, handle it yourself

There is a Form 9465 (installment agreement) that the IRS will allow you to file over the phone by calling the number on the notice. This program is called a “streamlined” installment agreement. This can alleviate stress. If you can’t pay your tax debt due to hardship. The IRS has a form called 433-A that can assist and offer relief.

If you owe more than $10,000-plus, hire professional help

I’m not talking one of those mystery 1-800 numbers. I’m talking someone local. That you can sit down with. Yes, we serve tax relief clients outside of Corvallis. However, we want to meet face to face to better understand the situation. By understanding, we can keep the cost down, and evaluate what fresh start plan you qualify for.

Understand Your Options

As lonely as it may feel, you do have options when managing your tax debt. When you work with our Corvallis tax relief professionals, we communicate all options to you and explain what each option means. Debt relief programs have very stringent qualifications and detailed application processes.

We will walk you through the entire application process and handle your communication with the IRS. If certain IRS programs are not an option, we will let you know what your alternatives are. Regardless of your situation, we will focus on working with you to develop a plan to resolve your tax debt issues.

Check the Credentials

As I mentioned previously, it’s important to do research before working with a tax relief/debt professional. Not only should you research the company, but you should also research the individual who will be working with you. We are proud of our credentials and more than willing to discuss them with you.

A professional in the tax debt relief industry should be a CPA, Enrolled Agent, Attorney, or former IRS agent. Be sure to ask what qualifications the individual has before working with them. In all cases, you will want to make sure the professional specializes in “tax representation” matters, aka “tax relief”.

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